Why Your Business Needs to Measure Digital Commerce ROI

As B2B eCommerce moves toward becoming a $1.2 trillion industry by 2021, customers are demanding intuitive commerce platforms to improve buying experiences. And for B2B organizations implementing these solutions, the ability to accurately measure digital commerce ROI is imperative to their digital commerce transformation success.

Measuring ROI is the first in a series of steps that help organizations define the impact of upgrading or implementing a new enterprise commerce platform. Investing in a new commerce solution – or updating a current system – is a long-term investment that, if managed properly, can deliver significant business benefits.

Is Your Digital Commerce Platform Delivering the Highest Possible ROI?

B2B businesses that rely on legacy technology platforms often discover their commerce websites are hurting ROI and draining resources. These outdated platforms don’t provide a streamlined, customer-centric buying experience, which often leads to a dissatisfied customer base.

On the other hand, platforms that empower your business to optimize both buying and selling experiences maximize digital commerce ROI. Signs that your eCommerce platform is delivering the highest possible ROI include:

  • Improved customer retention – A simple, navigable online tool enriches customer experiences and creates a convenient portal with enhanced visibility into products and services – all of which motivate repeat purchases.
  • Reduced operating costs – Robust eCommerce platforms leverage self-service portals capabilities to mitigate costs associated with manual order processing and in-person sales.
  • Enhanced organizational efficiency – With customers able to navigate commerce platforms on their own, sales team members act more as trusted advisors rather than simply taking orders.
  • Increased average order value – Agile B2B commerce platforms present related products to customers completing a purchase, opening new cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Using CloudCraze’s ROI Calculator

CloudCraze recognizes the importance of understanding and defining digital commerce ROI. Moving beyond standard calculations, The CloudCraze ROI Calculator considers your industry, legacy commerce solution, annual revenue and more to give you a closer look at how commerce impacts your digital strategies.

You’ll receive a detailed report with granular insights revealing how an improved B2B commerce solution can impact your organization’s bottom line and ROI. Even more, it provides the building blocks for an enterprise framework that will allow you to get the most from your B2B commerce initiatives.

Maximize Your Digital Commerce ROI

CloudCraze delivers robust B2B commerce native on Salesforce, a first-of-its-kind solution that allows businesses to generate online revenue fast and easily scale for growth. Our customer-first commerce approach uses in-depth data to inform buyer interactions across multiple channels, enabling brands to deliver seamless cross-channel experiences.

Understanding your ROI is the first step to a complete digital commerce transformation. Download our report, "The B2B Digital Commerce Imperative" to the right to learn more about the digital shift in B2B commerce.