Why It’s Time for a B2B eCommerce Platform Built on Salesforce

B2B eCommerce platforms are a necessity for enterprises as the B2B space goes digital. Many B2B organizations rely on disconnected systems to support customer buying. But what these enterprises might not realize is that outdated, siloed technology can seriously hinder the ability to better understand buyers and create new revenue opportunities.

Common Pain Points of Outdated B2B eCommerce Platforms

A recent report from CloudCraze surveyed 200 B2B and B2C businesses with digital presence in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, software and government sectors. Not only do B2B commerce companies feel increased pressure to perform well digitally, but some of the biggest pain points of selling online include:

  • Cost of new technology implementation (37 percent)
  • Providing a seamless omni-channel buying experience (35 percent)
  • Using commerce data for better business results (30 percent)

According to 31 percent of B2B respondents, the result of these shortcomings is a loss of at least $2 million in sales.

Benefits of a B2B eCommerce Platform Built on Salesforce

The ability to grow sales and generate more revenue is directly tied to the eCommerce platform your company relies on. Unlike ERP-based solutions, a B2B eCommerce platform built on CRM solution like Salesforce is flexible, customer centric and can be implemented quickly. A native solution on Salesforce also:

  • Minimizes Implementation Costs – Two systems mean twice the cost and routine upgrades. When leveraging a platform native to Salesforce, you’re granted access to CRM and eCommerce tools in one central location. Everything from workflow to user data can be found in a single system, mitigating the need to jump between multiple platforms.
  • Provides a Flawless Omni-Channel Experience – With so many brands struggling to create a seamless omni-channel buying experience, a B2B eCommerce solution that engages customers across multiple channels is crucial. Robust native technology creates a personalized ordering experience at every touchpoint. You can easily manage order subscription and payment.
  • Delivers Key Customer Data – Access to in-depth data can help you better understand and engage your customers. A B2B eCommerce platform built natively on Salesforce provides real-time, comprehensive information regarding buyers. This enables you to more accurately meet their needs, and increases opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

A B2B eCommerce Platform Native to Salesforce Is Here

At CloudCraze, we know the value of driving seamless interactions with your customers. We wanted to give brands a cost-friendly and 100 percent connected platform – all while delivering in-depth, actionable data.

Our B2B eCommerce platform is unlike any other. Built natively on Salesforce, CloudCraze technology is flexible, functional and helps businesses conduct billions of dollars in transactions around the world.

You can download our latest report, “The B2B Digital Commerce Imperative” by filling out the form to the right.