Why a Native Salesforce Solution Outweighs the Business Benefits of a Salesforce eCommerce Integration

Today’s competitive marketplace calls for a strong and agile commerce experience. Some companies turn to a Salesforce eCommerce integration, but what they really need is an eCommerce platform that offers a 360-degree view of their customers. The best way to achieve this? An eCommerce platform built natively on Salesforce.

Instead of simply acting in unison with Salesforce, native solutions operate as part of it. The result? A comprehensive, completely transparent platform that gives you visibility into every step of the sales cycle.

How a Native Salesforce Solution Benefits Your Business More Than a Salesforce eCommerce Integration

An eCommerce platform and CRM solution that operate as individual siloes don’t deliver many business advantages. It can be difficult to gain a comprehensive view of customers when you’re moving back and forth between two separate systems.

Taking Salesforce eCommerce integration a step further, a platform built natively on Salesforce removes the guesswork from gathering data on potential buyers. Not to mention, the benefits to your business are hard to ignore:

  • Native eCommerce technologies give marketers in-depth customer insights. When eCommerce and CRM solutions operate separately, it’s difficult to glean enough useable information about customers. Since an eCommerce platform that is native to Salesforce automatically integrates customer and commerce data into your CRM, you’re presented with new opportunities for cross selling and upselling. Plus, an all-in-one solution eliminates any data disparities that might arise when gathering information from two separate systems.
  • Salesforce native applications are time-and cost-effective. Two separate systems mean twice the cost, twice the upgrades and twice the hassle. Instead of launching a Salesforce eCommerce integration, solutions native to Salesforce grant you access to CRM and eCommerce tools in one centralized location. All functions – workflow, user data, upgrades, etc. – live in a single system. This mitigates the need to spend valuable time and monetary resources making sure your eCommerce system and CRM solution are communicating.
  • Commerce solutions native to Salesforce streamline order processing. Today’s customers want orders completed on-time and accurately. An eCommerce solution that is integrated with Salesforce doesn’t have quite the same effect as a native solution. Native technology cuts order processing time in half and increases order accuracy through more in-depth customer data. As a bonus, eCommerce technology built natively on Salesforce can also reduce order processing costs by 80 percent.

An eCommerce Platform Built on Salesforce Is Here

At CloudCraze, we understand the value of connecting with your customers. It’s a task that’s impossible to achieve without your CRM and commerce solutions working in unison.

So we decided to build a solution that brings Salesforce and eCommerce technology together flawlessly.

Our platform is the first of its kind. Built natively on Salesforce, CloudCraze technology helps businesses generate more revenue, build relationships with customers and scale easily for growth. You’re 100 percent connected to customers, 24/7.

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