What to Look for in an eCommerce Solution Provider

As competition in the B2B eCommerce space heats up, finding the right eCommerce solution provider is more important than ever. Providers that deliver a robust, flexible and reliable eCommerce platform allow you to adopt to a constantly evolving landscape, meeting customers’ unique buying needs every step of the way.

4 Things You Need From an eCommerce Solution Provider

Think all eCommerce solution providers are the same? Think again. Many offer baseline, ERP-based solutions that don’t deliver the insights and metrics you need to stay connected to customers and deliver a memorable buying experience.
For the most advantageous results and highest possible ROI, look for an eCommerce technology partner that provides:

  • Comprehensive Customer Data – Your eCommerce solution provider should deliver real-time data that presents a 360-degree view of buyers. Armed with these insights, you can grow and foster customer relationships, in addition to improving revenue streams.
  • Technology Native to Salesforce – Outdated ERP-based legacy systems don’t do enough to communicate with CRM technology, creating individual siloes that result in data disparities. The eCommerce solution partner you choose should provide technology that is native to Salesforce (or works easily with existing CRM platforms). This means a smooth selling experience with no data gaps.
  • Simple Integration – Lengthy integration periods drain company resources. You need a technology provider that ensures legacy solutions seamlessly integrate with eCommerce technology, so you’re off the hook for building and maintaining complex software.
  • Omni-Channel Experiences – Delivering a seamless omni-channel buying experience separates you from other brands. You want an eCommerce technology partner with a platform that enables engagement with customers across multiple touchpoints, creating a personalized, one-of-a-kind ordering process.

How the Right eCommerce Platform Can Transform Your Business

Slow, inflexible ERP-based eCommerce platforms present a series of selling challenges that ultimately hurt your business. You need a robust eCommerce platform that streamlines the buying process for customers, while allowing you to gain a full view into their buying behaviors.
This is where CloudCraze comes into play.
Our cloud-based eCommerce solution is built natively on Salesforce, creating a single repository that houses key customer information. This leads to greater:

  • Efficiency – You spend less time moving back and forth between two separate systems trying to reconcile data.
  • Agility – Quickly respond to customer feedback, market trends and changes.
  • Visibility – With key information at your fingertips, you can work to improve customers’ buying experience.

When you choose CloudCraze as your eCommerce solution provider, you’re getting fast, scalable and reliable eCommerce technology. To learn how the top 11 B2B commerce providers stack up, download our Forrester report here.