What Makes Salesforce and CloudCraze #1? Putting Customers First

Written by , | Oct 10, 2017

Salesforce was recently ranked the #1 CRM application by IDC’s 2016 Market Share Revenue Worldwide report. As a the only native B2B commerce solution on the platform, we were ecstatic to see Salesforce receive this recognition. But what does being the #1 CRM application really mean? And what does it mean for CloudCraze?

With over 150,000 customers – including many of the world’s leading brands – Salesforce helps businesses provide superior customer engagement by unifying the experience across all touchpoints – sales, marketing, service. And as the #1 B2B commerce solution, CloudCraze furthers this with its customer-first engagement and data model. Combining Salesforce CRM and CloudCraze commerce, businesses have access to complete and accurate customer data.

Since CloudCraze is native to Salesforce, our customers can leverage all the advantages of Salesforce such as:

  • Customer Success: No matter the company size or industry, Salesforce and CloudCraze understand that each company has unique needs and use cases. This means we can more effectively help our customers map out their journey to success.
  • Upgrades 3x a Year: Salesforce makes sure to include regular updates throughout the year. CloudCraze not only reaps the benefits of the Salesforce updates, but follows the same upgrade cycle, releasing new iterations of the CloudCraze solution three times a year.
  • A Unified View of the Customer: Salesforce offers you a 360-degree view of customers across sales, marketing, service and commerce. Since CloudCraze is native on the platform it offers the same holistic view for customers.
  • The Power of the Cloud: As the world’s most trusted cloud platform, Salesforce customers can focus on their business, instead of on the infrastructure. And CloudCraze, as a native solution, uses the same trusted infrastructure.

The list of benefits goes on. But at the heart of all of this, one thing is made very clear: Salesforce doesn’t just claim to put customers first, they do. And CloudCraze utilizes the same principles, placing our customers at the core of our solution’s design – responding to their needs, wants and aspirations.

Starting with redefining CRM 18 years ago, Salesforce is constantly looking for new ways to help their clients more authentically understand and connect to their customers. Technologies like Einstein help Salesforce and CloudCraze customers better understand their buyers’ habits and create hyper-personalized experiences based on each buyer’s unique history. This improves our client’s customer loyalty and in turn, improves ours.

Beyond CRM, Salesforce was also recognized by IDC as #1 in customer service, sales and marketing applications. So how can our customers leverage these cloud offerings too? Clients can track their customers via email through Pardot, create a quote in the storefront through Sales Cloud, use Salesforce CPQ to power product pricing and rules, and offer case management capabilities through Service Cloud.

These are just a few examples of the power of being native on a platform like Salesforce. As a platinum partner, we look forward to working with Salesforce to continue to find new ways to help our customers find even greater success.

To learn more about the power of Salesforce CRM and why IDC named it #1, read more here.

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