The Urgency of Cloud-Based eCommerce

It is now more important than ever for B2B businesses to embrace cloud-based eCommerce. As customers demand more intuitive online buying experiences, the right commerce technologies will separate the winners from the losers in competitive industries.

The latest generation of cloud eCommerce technologies can give your organization a competitive edge. The right platform overcomes key organizational challenges and empowers your brand to delight buyers with the information and commerce solutions they need, when they need them.

Brand Challenges in Today’s eCommerce Environment

Evolving customer needs have created an urgency for businesses to implement cloud-based eCommerce solutions. In the B2B landscape, selling online presents challenges that businesses must overcome to manage costs, attract customers and capture market share.

  • Customers require streamlined commerce technologies. B2B buyers expect instant access to information. Outdated, disjointed systems that rely on multiple sources of data slow down the process and are unnecessarily complex for customers to navigate.
  • Siloed systems consume time and resources. Siloed, on-premise solutions aren’t only inconvenient for customers – they also cost the organization time and resources. To manage costs, brands need efficient technologies that can quickly scale with market demands.
  • Brands need total visibility to customers. A holistic view of the customer is critical in today’s fast-paced commerce environment. An incomplete or fragmented perspective inevitably results in missed opportunities and an inferior customer experience.

Technology is the key to overcoming the eCommerce challenges facing your organization. But technology that solves just one or two problems won’t suffice. You need an eCommerce solution built for the rigors of the digital marketplace.

That’s where best-in-class, cloud-based eCommerce solutions enter the picture.

Why Cloud-Based eCommerce Makes Sense

Cloud commerce solutions overcome common B2B eCommerce challenges by streamlining the buying process. Instead of relying on disparate on-premise systems, customers and internal team members can reap the benefits of a unified cloud eCommerce platform.

  • Agility – Robust cloud-based eCommerce technologies make it possible to quickly respond to customer feedback, market changes and other developments. Instead of lagging behind the competition, your organization can lead the way by rapidly adapting to your customers’ needs.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings – eCommerce cloud hosting is more cost effective than a random assembly of on-premise systems. In many cases, cloud platforms allow customers to self-serve, enabling sales reps and customer service teams to focus on high-volume, high-dollar value customers.
  • Customer Visibility – Centralized data streamlines the purchase process, significantly improving the customer experience. Just as importantly, it provides your organization with a comprehensive, real-time view of customers. The result? Better information and closer customer connections.

Tap Into the Power of the Cloud

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