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The Time is Now: Why These Two Salesforce Executives are Looking to B2B Commerce

Written by , | Jun 15, 2017

Over the past several months, CloudCraze has been fortunate to gain not one, but two former Salesforce executives – Brian Wagner, now the VP of Global Sales and Fred DeLuca, an experienced Account Executive covering our Southeast region.

We sat down with them to learn more about their experiences at Salesforce and discuss why they decided to join the CloudCraze team.

On the Transition to CloudCraze

Wagner: “Salesforce had an incredibly entrepreneurial culture, which is something I valued about the organization. This spirit has remained at the heart of the company even after all its growth. CloudCraze offers a similarly dynamic and agile work environment.

As a native solution on Salesforce, CloudCraze fits into an ecosystem I was already familiar with and can leverage. I feel proud of where I work, and I can tell that the culture at CloudCraze – like Salesforce – maps back to my values. Plus, the leadership team are eCommerce experts, having led many transformational projects for several decades. This was a phenomenal 1-2 punch in deciding to join the CloudCraze team.” 

DeLuca: “Not only is CloudCraze part of an ecosystem I already know and love – Salesforce – but when I examined the marketplace, I saw that the company had a gigantic opportunity. CloudCraze was filling a large need in the B2B market, helping companies better service their customers through an easy navigable and highly scalable online portal. Many organizations preach they can help ‘transform’ your company, but I’ve only seen a select few that have the power to do so. Salesforce is one of those organizations and so is CloudCraze— both can truly deliver on this promise.”

On Being Customer-First

Wagner: “Many organizations have yet to undergo a customer-first transformation. CloudCraze differentiates itself from others within the commerce space because it puts the customers at the core. As someone that is regularly engaging with potential customers, it is incredibly important that I believe in what we’re selling. Together, Salesforce and CloudCraze are redefining market strategies – we are growing company revenues and developing new operating models that are positively effecting our B2B customers. Our storefronts don’t require integration with Salesforce and we are quick to market, so customers instantly benefit from CloudCraze.”

DeLuca: “CloudCraze isn’t another solution built on the back end, ERP system. The back end is the bricks – purely foundational and hard to update. CloudCraze puts customers at the forefront. This makes it easier for companies to continue to innovate and transform the customer experience based on what customers and the industry require. It puts the customer at the center of the commerce experience – just like we’ve already seen in CRM – and it handles the complexities of B2B selling and buying better than anything I’ve seen before.”

 On Being a B2B Commerce Visionary

Wagner: “The B2B space is going through a significant transformation. For the past 15 years, B2B companies primarily used back office systems, but they are now pivoting. The focus is shifting to their customers, which means there is a greater need for frictionless channels. CloudCraze is uniquely positioned to help a lot of these companies transform themselves digitally, since the product is built to support the complexities of their business models. This is different from previous systems, which focused on a disconnected or partial omni-channel experience driven by ERP, leaving much to be desired for their users’ experiences.”

DeLuca: “We’ve already seen how digital has altered consumer expectations within the B2C space. Uber, Netflix, and AirBnB changed the way brands engage with customers. Businesses know they too need to meet consumers where they are – not vice-versa. It isn’t a surprise then that we’re seeing the same buying expectations within the B2B space. Many B2B organizations still struggle to create a streamlined online experience for its business buyers. Current processes are clunky, outdated and just plain inconvenient. And while there’s an obvious need to renovate the buying experience, the transition is in its early stages. That’s where CloudCraze comes into play. We are working to help B2B companies better serve their customers – making convenience a priority.”


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