The Impact of B2B eCommerce for Manufacturers

B2B eCommerce for manufacturers has emerged as an industry necessity. Digital-savvy customers have moved online to complete purchases in a simple, streamlined fashion. That means manufacturers and distributors need a commerce site (and solution) that supports a seamless and user-friendly ordering experience.

Positive Outcomes of B2B eCommerce for Manufacturers

As buying processes change, many manufacturers realize that clunky commerce systems and lengthy buying processes hurt their bottom line. Organizations also struggle with:

  • High operating costs from managing siloed platforms.
  • Gaining 360-degree views of customers.
  • Collecting and using commerce data effectively.

Manufacturers shifting away from legacy, ERP-based technology in favor of cloud-based commerce not only mitigate these pain points, but also stand to gain several positive business outcomes:

  • Operational Savings – B2B eCommerce for manufacturers allows customers to self-serve so they can buy wherever, whenever. This means sales reps spend less time focusing on customer orders and can refocus efforts on more value-added sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Greater Data Visibility – Disparate solutions are required to share data which can lead to inaccurate or incomplete information. Cloud-based commerce centralizes data storage, saving key customer information that supports repeat purchases, as well as opportunities for cross selling and upselling.
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities – Removing the complexities associated with outdated eCommerce and supporting a seamless buying process leads to more sales and online purchases from customers. Although B2B manufacturing purchases are larger and more complex than average consumer purchases, the right eCommerce platform presents buyers with the relevant information they need to complete transactions.
  • Agile Performance – The ability to keep up with market changes and evolving consumer demands separates the winners from the losers. Cloud-based B2B eCommerce for manufacturers makes it possible to constantly iterate and incorporate customer feedback. Even more, these systems can be updated and customized over time without costly upgrade cycles.

Discover the CloudCraze Advantage for Manufacturers

CloudCraze recognizes the seismic shift taking place in B2B manufacturing. Our robust B2B commerce platform is built on Salesforce (the first of its kind) and has been thoughtfully designed with functionality, agility and scalability in mind.
Supporting the idea of customer-first B2B eCommerce for manufacturers, CloudCraze allows you to:

  • Create a customer-centric buying experience through an outside-in, connected customer model.
  • Iterate on demand by adapting to changing customer and market dynamics.
  • Understand, predict and shape buyer behavior by delivering in-depth data insights.

To learn more about how CloudCraze benefits manufacturers, download your copy of “The Cloud-Based Commerce Roadmap: A Guide to Digital Transformation for Manufacturers” today.