The Buy Button Is Here to Stay

Written by , | Oct 05, 2015

The CloudCraze-powered Buy Button for Community Cloud was met with a rousing reception at this year’s Community Cloud keynote at Dreamforce15.  With Twitter’s recent Buy Button announcement and Pinterest following suit it is clear that the Buy Button is not a passing phenomenon.

What does all this mean?

In the early days of eCommerce, it was common to describe the online commerce imperative as getting to “frictionless” commerce.  This resulted in features like one-click buying pioneered by Amazon.  Subsequent improvements in UX and buy-flows made eCommerce a very natural way to buy for anyone with an Internet connection.

The next evolution is eCommerce is all about “commerce in context”, and the Buy Button is the poster-child feature for this enablement.

Buy Button on Bike Detail PageOn-line conversations and idea exchanges can flow unimpaired when commerce is seamlessly enabled through a Buy Button strategically placed in context.

Similarly, contextual commerce addresses purchase needs in context of other activities without distracting the buyer with the traditional procedural tasks associated with eCommerce.

The most typical scenario for this would be in an online social setting .  In the Salesforce Community Cloud, this would mean a discussion about a particular product or service offering could result in a purchase with just a simple click, all within context of the social interaction.  It would be the same as buying something by saying “I want that” during a conversation with your co-worker.

Clearly we are at the early stages of contextual commerce.  Facebook has achieved mixed results while attempting similar forays into online commerce.  These latest capabilities provide more flexible and streamlined user experience that are already gaining traction with end users and indicate that the Buy Button is here to stay.

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