Streamlining eCommerce With Salesforce-Native Software Solutions

The increase of B2B customers embracing online buying has made it crucial for brands to focus on streamlining eCommerce. Several B2B companies are operating on multiple CRM and commerce systems making it increasingly difficult for customers to navigate and harder for sellers to understand their buying behaviors. And as competition in the B2B space heats up, buyers are turning to the brands that offer streamlined, intuitive experiences.

While there are several ways to better engage buyers, one initiative you can take now is implementing robust software that is designed to optimize online buying for B2B customers –and simplify selling for your brand.

Streamlining eCommerce with Salesforce-Native Software

It’s no secret the eCommerce platform you use has a direct impact on how well your business meets customer needs and expectations. But what you might not realize is ERP-based, legacy technology that is siloed from CRM technology is hurting your ability to optimize sales.

If streamlining eCommerce is a top-of-mind concern for your brand, consider a cloud-based, Salesforce-native software solution. Comprehensive, all-in-one technology has the potential to transform your eCommerce engagement strategy. Here’s how:

  • In-depth customer information is constantly available. Separate eCommerce and CRM solutions require integration, which often leads to data disparities and inconsistencies. Salesforce-native software houses data in a centralized location, ensuring it’s always up-to-date and complete. Plus, access to this data presents more opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.
  • Zero integrations save time and money. Lengthy integration periods drain company resources. Since Salesforce-native technology resides in a single repository, your IT team doesn’t have to build and maintain complex software integrations. All platform functions – workflow, upgrades and user data – live in one system.
  • Online order processing is optimized. Streamlining eCommerce is about efficiency. Platforms built on the cloud cut ordering time in half while simultaneously increasing order accuracy through enhanced self-service capabilities. Salesforce-native solutions are specifically proven to reduce order processing costs by 80 percent.

A Better Approach to B2B eCommerce

The demand for flexible, streamlined B2B eCommerce is growing. CloudCraze is dedicated to providing businesses with an all-in-one eCommerce solution that transforms how they engage with and sell to customers.

Our first-of-its-kind platform is unique in its structure, making it unlike any other commerce solution available to businesses today:

  • Customer-Centric Model – CloudCraze offers outside-in, connected software that puts the customer first. We provide a single lens across all channel and functions, giving customers a unified, multi-channel buying experience.
  • Adaptable Technology – CloudCraze is built to adapt to rapidly evolving market demands and customer needs. Companies can drive continuous iteration through clicks (instead of code), quickly adapting their business models instead of waiting for larger software updates.
  • Built on Salesforce – CloudCraze is the only Salesforce-native B2B commerce solution available. Built on the world’s most trusted CRM, it leverages the same core customer information via its shared data model.

Streamlining eCommerce just got a lot easier. To learn how cloud commerce is transforming the B2B sales function, fill out the form to the right for our eBook, "Winning in the Age of the Connected Consumer."