Salesforce Summer ’15 Enhancement Quick Reference Guide

Written by , | Apr 27, 2015

It’s no fluke that Forbes keeps naming as the most innovative company in the world. Whether you’re a partner or a customer of Salesforce, you are reaping the benefits of that innovation through the company’s trademark releases that are delivered triannually. Next in line? The “Summer ’15” release, scheduled to hit most production orgs between June 5th and 22nd, 2015.

Salesforce Summer '15: Ice Cream Truck

Here’s a quick breakdown of the upcoming enhancements by category:


While’s documentation is second-to-none, I’ve been wanting a comprehensive list in a format I could manipulate/sort/etc. and doesn’t provide that. The PDF and HTML formats of the release contain all the details, but we don’t have a simple, clear list of the features/enhancements. The PDF has something close, but you have work through the pages of PDF formatting if you copy/paste the text to Excel.

To that end, I’ve compiled a full list of the features in PDF format. You can view the embedded version in this blog post or download it.

Enjoy! Summer ’15 Release Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Salesforce Summer ’15 Release Notes by Phil Weinmeister

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