Salesforce Native eCommerce Solutions v. eCommerce CRM Integration

You’ve thought about a eCommerce CRM integration to give your brand a competitive marketplace advantage. But have you considered the stronger alternative? An eCommerce solution built natively on a CRM platform, like Salesforce, has a leg-up on integrated technology. Instead of relying on two systems to communicate with each another, eCommerce technology native to Salesforce delivers a seamless omnichannel experience.

Choosing Native Salesforce Solutions Over eCommerce CRM Integration

Customer and market demands are constantly evolving and brands face a key question: How do we better engage and understand our customers to improve their buying experience? A platform that provides eCommerce CRM integration might seem like the most obvious answer, but you have another option: an eCommerce platform built on Salesforce.
Unlike an integrated solution that requires your eCommerce and CRM to communicate, native applications act as an extension of Salesforce:

  • You’ll get to market faster than initially expected. CRM integration can take months to get up and running. Salesforce native eCommerce technology requires zero integration, allowing you to deploy technology within weeks. That means you’re visible to customers and generating revenue faster.
  • You gain the ability to deliver a flawless customer experience. Customers want convenience. An eCommerce platform native to Salesforce creates a personalized, multi-channel ordering experience at every touchpoint. Successfully manage payment, order and subscriptions to create a seamless buying journey and engage directly with customers.
  • You can better understand and support your customers. The data you gather on customers allows you to adapt and scale our business to meet changing consumer needs. Commerce platforms built natively on Salesforce move beyond eCommerce CRM integration by bridging eCommerce and CRM solutions, creating a centralized database for you to access customer data. The 360-degree view of buyers empowers your team to make sales strategy adjustments on the fly.

Don’t Sign Up for eCommerce CRM Integration Just Yet

At CloudCraze, we believe that companies can move beyond eCommerce CRM integration. So, we built an eCommerce platform that doesn’t simply integrate with Salesforce, but is built natively on Salesforce. The result is an unprecedented, 360-degree view of your customers that transforms digital business and engagement strategies.

Built to support the growing needs of eCommerce brands, benefits of CloudCraze’s platform include:

  • Core Salesforce Capabilities – We leverage the core capabilities of Salesforce including standard and custom objects, workflow rules, localization, reporting and more.
  • Regular Software Upgrades – Our technology follows the same upgrade cycles as Salesforce (three times a year), meaning your platform is constantly up-to-date.
  • No Integration Necessary – Because CloudCraze is built natively on Salesforce, there is zero integration required.

Don’t settle for simple eCommerce CRM integration. To learn more about how you can take your business to the next level, fill out the form to the right for our eBook, "Winning in the Age of the Connected Customer."