Salesforce and eCommerce Get Lean with CloudCraze

Written by , | Apr 08, 2013

Lean and Six Sigma are both practices that help improve the processes and performance of a business:

  • Lean focuses on the efficiency of the process
  • Six Sigma examines what comes out of the process for the purpose of recognizing defects

Six Sigma was originally developed by Motorola in the eighties. It became globally recognized in the nineties when Jack Welch declared it his key strategy at GE.

Lean came on the scene later through Toyota, who found that a series of simple innovations leant to continuity in process flow, while still maintaining a variety of offerings.

The two methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma came together more recently when companies began asking, “Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too?” Hence, “Lean Six Sigma:” Remove waste and improve quality.

Now with the history lesson over, it’s time to consider applying Lean Six Sigma to technology and specifically to “CloudCraze,” which is the eCommerce product provided by EDL Consulting.

CloudCraze is the only enterprise-level eCommerce solution developed natively on the Salesforce Platform. It gives you “Cart” as just another Tab in your CRM. It doesn’t simply integrate with your CRM data, but rather it “is” your CRM data. With the ultimate goal of companies that adopt a Lean objective being able to reduce waste, CloudCraze epitomizes this by providing a single source of truth for Salesforce customer relationship management and eCommerce. Gone are redundant efforts to maintain (multi-channel) eCommerce campaigns. Gone is 2/3 of the administration otherwise required to deploy and sustain eCommerce platforms separate from prospecting, acquisition, fulfillment and support activities:

  • What are your internal processes today to update the product catalog in your eCommerce solution?
  • Do you have redundant cross-system tasks required to update pricing?
  • What time is wasted in managing logistics across varied platforms?
  • How many internal re-entries are required to support a new product-offering in your organization?
  • And how many processes does your organization incur to update and report inventory levels across systems?

CloudCraze provides you a single platform to fully engage with your customers.

Lean is further exemplified in CloudCraze with the inclusion of social media in today’s customer engagement processes. This is because Lean not only focuses on the efficiency of a process but also the flow of inputs to that process; and nothing flows into the customer engagement process like Facebook and Twitter!

Once again, because CloudCraze is native in the platform, it shares the insights provided by Salesforce’s Radian6. It thereby enables you to fully monetize your interactions with your customers without incurring the additional steps required by other eCommerce providers to grab the data needed to influence a point of sale.

Learn more about eliminating waste across eCommerce administration and the cost-savings returned by CloudCraze when your organization gets Lean!


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