You know that upgrading your enterprise commerce platform will produce benefits. But what’s the real impact?

This is more than an ROI calculator. It’s your organization’s guide to a complete digital commerce transformation.

Let's start with the basics. What's your industry?

What's your current commerce solution?

OK, here's a real softball. What's your company's total revenue?


What's your revenue distribution by channel?

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{{data.traditionalRev | currency:'$':0}}

What's the average order value by sales channel?

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Number of Orders

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How to Use This Tool

We hope you find this tool useful as you share it with your colleagues and evaluate your digital commerce options. As you work through the calculator, you can find helpful tips over here in the sidebar.

Industry Assumptions

You'll notice that some fields in this calculator will already contain figures. These are assumptions based on your industry.


Select Legacy if using SAP Hybris, IBM Websphere eCommerce, Oracle ATG, or a similar eCommerce vendor.


Select Custom if using an eCommerce solution that you developed in-house.

Digital and Traditional Channels

Enter the revenue distribution and average order value for your current digital channel and your traditional channels (direct sales, inside sales and partners).


{{data.roi | number: 0}}%

First Year Return on Investment

Your ROI was calculated using average implementation costs and subsequent gross margin improvements over the first year.


{{data.totalRevX | currency:'$':0}}

Revenue Before Digital Transformation

{{data.totalRev2 | currency:'$':0}}

Revenue After Digital Transformation

+{{data.totalRevIncrease | currency:'$':0}}

Revenue Increase

Gross Margin

{{data.totalMargin | currency:'$':0}}

Gross Margin Before Digital Transformation

{{data.totalMargin2 | currency:'$':0}}

Gross Margin After Digital Transformation

+{{data.totalMarginIncrease | currency:'$':0}}

Gross Margin Increase


Before transformation, your organization did {{data.digitalRevPercent | number: 1}}% of sales in the Digital channel. After transformation, it will do {{data.digitalRevPercent2 * 100 | number: 1}}% of sales in the Digital Channel.

Before Total  [{{data.totalMargin / (999999 + 1) | currency:'$':0}}M]
Digital [{{data.digitalMargin / (999999 + 1) | currency:'$':0}}M]
Traditional [{{(data.directMargin + data.insideMargin + data.partnerMargin) / (999999 + 1) | currency:'$':0}}M]
After Total  [{{data.totalMargin2 / (999999 + 1) | currency:'$':0}}M]
Digital [{{data.digitalMargin2 / (999999 + 1) | currency:'$':0}}M]
Traditional [{{(data.directMargin2 + data.insideMargin2 + data.partnerMargin2) / (999999 + 1) | currency:'$':0}}M]

Want a more detailed assessment of your business? With a little more information, we can provide you with a detailed report that includes:

  • Gross Margin Increases by Channel
  • Cost Savings
  • Total Revenue Impact by Channel
  • 3-Year Projected Business Impact

CUSTOMIZE MY ROI These results have been calculated with a set of assumptions that are intended to establish a baseline for further conversation and assessment. They are only a guide based on our experience. We invite you to engage further with us to develop a 360-degree, accurate evaluation of your business and the positive impact that CloudCraze may have.