Winning in the Age of the
Connected Customer

How Cloud Commerce is Transforming the B2B Sales Function

Technology has fundamentally changed what people expect from the companies they do business with, and it has given them extraordinary leverage to demand that those expectations are met. If they can’t research, browse and transact business wherever and whenever they want, better options are only a keystroke away.

Two recent Salesforce Research reports provide hard data showing that business buyers have come to expect a purchasing experience that is every bit as smooth and intuitive as what they’ve become accustomed to in the retail world. But it also demonstrates that because business relationships are more complicated than retail relationships, expectations, in many cases, are even higher.

Business buyers increasingly want the best of both worlds—a seamless self-service option when that suits them and a trusted partner who can anticipate their needs when that makes sense. This elevates the critical role of an empowered sales organization and transforms how the front line must interact with customers. The connected customer, in other words, is changing the game for companies both inside and out.

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