Why Digital Will Become the Primary Channel for B2B Engagement

A Look at How Digital Commerce is Impacting B2B Revenue Growth

For the first time in history, nearly half of B2B organizations offer their full suite of products online. This dramatic shift as a part of the digital revolution has already led to explosive growth for those who have invested in building out an eCommerce channel.

This new era of digital brings expansion opportunities to the manufacturing, consumer goods and software industries through new reach, and reallocation of resources to make a greater impact on growth. As the future of B2B continues to be propelled forward by digital, maximizing effectiveness in eCommerce platforms now will be critical.

To find out more about how successful organizations are maximizing efficiency through digital, CloudCraze surveyed more than 400 B2B consumer packaged goods (CPG), manufacturing and software decision makers in the US and Europe.

The report reveals that as digital matures it will continue to become more important for B2B organizations. In fact, 89 percent of B2B decision makers attribute future growth to the success of their eCommerce program.

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