The B2B Digital Commerce Imperative

An exploration of customer expectations and business readiness in 2017

With a growing demand for self-service and advanced payment options from B2B buyers, going digital has become critical to long-term success. The challenge B2B brands are facing is supporting the complex, industry-specific needs of their buyers.

CloudCraze surveyed nearly 200 IT and marketing professionals to better understand the challenges B2B organizations face when undergoing digital transformation. The study found:

As a result, businesses have missed out on revenue. Seventy percent of businesses say they have lost a business deal because of an ordering-specific pain point, and 31 percent say they’ve missed out on at least $2 million in sales.

Business buyers’ expectations center around convenience. B2B organizations reported that most customers demand mobile access to their commerce platform (55 percent), convenient payment processes (52 percent) and advanced payment features (50 percent).

Yet, B2B organizations struggle to provide streamlined, frictionless commerce experiences. Thirty-five percent of respondents report the inability to provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience as their biggest pain point.

Read the full report to learn more about these challenges and discover the opportunities inherent in a cloud-based commerce solution to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

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