Meet the ‘Change Agent’ How Today’s CIO is Stepping Up to the Need for Speed

meet-the-change-agentThe CIO’s Strategic Guide for Agility, Speed-to-Revenue

Not so long ago, the role of most corporate CIOs could be summed up in a single phrase: Lock it down and don’t screw up.

Today? Digital innovation is transforming the competitive landscape and fundamentally redefining customer relationships. The CIO has become a key member of the executive suite and digital technology is central to all phases of strategy.

It’s no longer about keeping the business and technology running smoothly. Although a critical part of the role, CIOs are expected to drive innovation and shape digital strategy.

To help current and future IT leaders flourish in their role, CloudCraze compiled advice and resources in this report on:

  • Embracing the need for speed by adopting a web platform that adapts to customer needs and market changes fast
  • Navigating the cloud computing landscape and using technology to identify and capture untapped markets
  • Breaking habits and challenging technology teams to find innovative solutions to old and new problems
  • Adopting an agile mentality and approach across your organization

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