The New Paradigm: Customer-First eCommerce

customer-first-ecommerceWhen markets shift, companies need to revamp and get ahead of the change or risk becoming irrelevant. As more and more companies find themselves boxed in by their first- or second-generation eCommerce solutions, this kind of crossroads moment is becoming increasingly common. Many are taking advantage of a paradigm shift in the ecommerce market that is favoring speed and flexibility over customization and control.

The new commerce paradigm emphasizes a number of key factors. By aligning commerce with a company’s CRM capability instead of its ERP system, these solutions focus on the customer’s needs, not the company’s.



In this whitepaper, you’ll learn top ways new paradigm solutions help companies:

  • Put the customer first
  • Hand the keys to sales and marketing
  • Implement quickly and reconfigure on the fly
  • Put resources where your customers want them

Read more about the benefits of a customer-first commerce platform. Download by the full whitepaper by filling in the form on the right.

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