A Strategic Guide for Turning Low Volume into High Profit


How Today's B2B Brands Use Digital Commerce to Get the Most From Their Customers

When combined, low-volume customers can contribute up to 40 percent of a B2B business’s revenue. However, despite their combined contribution, low-volume customers often come at a high cost. Fortunately, SaaS commerce solutions enable companies to tap into this group’s major potential by reducing costs to service and expanding reach to this market.



In CloudCraze’s Strategic Guide for Turning Low Volume into High Profit, you will learn:

  • Why B2B sellers face challenges when servicing low-volume customers
  • How major enterprises and manufacturers are scaling to new markets and regions, and growing revenue by capturing tier-two and –three customers digitally
  • How to provide a flexible, self-service enterprise commerce offering that helps tier-two and –three customers place sales efficiently

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