Reasons You Want Native B2B Digital Commerce on Salesforce

B2B digital commerce on Salesforce was born out of a single necessity: B2B brands needed to transform their digital engagement strategies to be faster, scalable and more agile. An eCommerce solution built natively on Salesforce allows you to achieve each of those goals.

By combining the trusted infrastructure and architecture of Salesforce with a powerful eCommerce engine, you’re getting a robust solution that will completely change how you engage customers.

4 Reasons You Need Native B2B Digital Commerce on Salesforce

You can’t successfully gather customer data when your eCommerce and CRM solutions are operating separately. Customer relationships are complex, and it’s difficult to glean necessary information when you constantly shuffle between two systems. Native B2B digital commerce on Salesforce bridges eCommerce and CRM platforms, creating a single, all-in-one system that provides data like never before.

Still on the fence? Consider these reasons to implement an eCommerce solution native to Salesforce:

  1. Native eCommerce technology leverages core Salesforce capabilities. Salesforce is the go-to CRM for many companies. An eCommerce solution built natively on Salesforce leverages the platform’s key capabilities, including workflow rules, localization and reporting.
  2. All-in-one technology delivers automatic, regular upgrades. When eCommerce and CRM technology are siloed, you’re responsible for completing twice the software upgrades. But a digital commerce platform native to Salesforce follows the upgrade cycles, eliminating the need for IT staff or administrators to push changes through.
  3. B2B commerce built natively on Salesforce requires zero integration. System integration is costly and time consuming. But eCommerce technology built on Salesforce requires zero integration. Simply connect it to legacy ERP or other company software, and you’re up and running. The best part? No integration means it’s highly user-friendly, and doesn’t involve significant training for employees.
  4. You’ll gain an unhindered, 360-degree view of customers. Without data, understanding and engaging your customers is next to impossible. B2B digital commerce on Salesforce gives you a complete, real-time view of consumers, enabling you to more accurately meet their needs – and create a better, stronger buying experience. When eCommerce and CRM work together, you never lose connectivity to customers.

Trusted B2B Digital Commerce on Salesforce From CloudCraze

CloudCraze is built natively on the secure, reliable and compliant Salesforce infrastructure. We help global brands gain a competitive business advantage by providing transparent, innovative technology that connects them to their customers. Our technology is:

  • Fast – Built on the most trusted CRM in the world, CloudCraze allows you to deploy commerce quickly, so you can immediately start generating revenue.
  • Connected – CloudCraze gives you complete access to the data and information that drives customer engagement, keeping you 100 percent connected.
  • Scalable – Because your commerce is hosted on the cloud, you can easily scale market demands to meet business and customer needs globally.

Native B2B digital commerce on Salesforce is here. Interested in learning more? Fill out the form to the right to download our report, “The B2B Digital Commerce Imperative."