What Amazon Business Means for B2B eCommerce

December 17, 2015

(Originally published in Information Age)

In a recent contributed piece in Information Age, Chris Dalton explored the key impacts of Amazon’s entry into the B2B marketplace, and how B2B organizations can adapt.

Amazon’s entry into the wholesale marketplace raises questions for B2B organizations. As more buyers shift online, how can we create a robust and streamlined customer experience on par with B2C experiences that customers love?

While there are benefits to selling on Amazon, B2B organizations lose access to critical customer data and opportunities to increase engagement when they hand over the buying and selling experience to third parties. Organizations relinquish their primary channel with customers and ability to personalize, cross-sell, upsell and advertise effectively.

Learn more about how Amazon Business impacts B2B organizations in the full story on Information Age: http://www.information-age.com/industry/services/123460658/how-amazon-taking-over-b2b-commerce-industry

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