TechTarget: Quality Assurance and Project Management

May 28, 2016

Shawn Belling, our VP of Product Development, shared the ins-and-outs of quality assurance and project management in an in-depth, four-part series in TechTarget.

In this series, Shawn dives into why:

  • The B2B eCommerce roadmap is a long-term program comprising of a number of projects
  • Key executioners implementing a commerce platform must understand the strategy and roadmap
  • Planning, managing and setting up for next phase must go in parallel
  • The overall project governance team must embrace any change in the roadmap
  • The key learning from a project comes from feedback from customers, as well as internal and external stakeholders

Read the TechTarget series:

  1. Shawn Belling VP Product Development CloudCraze: An Interview
  2. eCommerce Project Roadmap Needs a Long-Term Program Plan
  3. Vendor Relationships – Strive for the Best but Plan for the Worst
  4. Agile eCommerce Development Waterfall Depends on Risk Appetite





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