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News Round Up: Why Digital Will Become the Primary Channel for B2B Engagement

November 21, 2017

“Digital has transformed the B2B commerce landscape. Never before have organizations been more equipped to open new channels of revenue, expand into new markets of increase average order value. In our recently released report, “Why Digital Will Become the Primary Channel for B2B Engagement,” we surveyed more than 400 B2B decision makers in the US and Europe to take a look at this revolution and how it’s impacting the B2B world.

With 89 percent of B2B decision makers attributing expected growth to the success of their digital commerce platform, it’s clear the industry understands the value of digital strategies to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, for the first time in B2B history, nearly half of B2B businesses sell their full line of products online, demonstrating increased B2B customer acceptance and demand for these offerings.

We encourage you to explore the various media stories surrounding the study and would love to discuss the findings or the value of digital for B2B organizations in general if you’re interested in learning more. Please reach out to sales@cloudcraze.com for more information or to schedule a call!

B2B eCommerce World: B2B Companies Expect Digital Commerce to Fuel Growth
“More than half (56%) of B2B businesses report giving self-service access to all customers.

MediaPost: B2Bs Counting On Digital
“89% of the B2B business decision makers attribute expected business growth to their digital programs’ ability to attract and retain customers, and increase average order value.”

Marketing Profs: E-Commerce: Benefits, Value, and Tactics | Marketing Study
“Some 59% of B2B decision-makers said they expect e-commerce to drive growth because it makes customer acquisition easier.”

FIR B2B Podcast: How Digital Channels Are Transforming B2B Sales – FIR Podcast Network
“Forrester expects eCommerce to reach $889 billion and represent 11% of total B2B sales in the U.S. by the end of 2017. Without a doubt, a digital revolution has taken place in B2B, leading to explosive growth for those who have invested in eCommerce.”

Website Magazine: The B2C Cloud Over B2B Clears
“A new study from CloudCraze indicates business to consumer (B2C) like experiences for business buyers is clearly here and it may not be making the sales team obsolete after all.”

eCommerce Times: E-Commerce Provides Fertile Ground for B2B Growth
“Business-to-business firms view increased online activity as an effective way to boost their growth, according to a new report from CloudCraze. Eighty-nine percent of the 400-plus B2B decision makers CloudCraze surveyed in the United States and Europe expected digital commerce would help their businesses grow.”

Inc.: 21 Trends These Executives Saw in 2017
“Fueled by B2B customer expectations for buying experiences that mimic their personal lives, organizations have made major investments in digital commerce that have transformed how they interact with buyers.”

EConsultancy: 10 thought-provoking digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week
“With ecommerce predicted to represent 11 percent of all B2B sales in the US by the end of this year, CloudCraze has uncovered the value B2B organisations are seeing from digital and online channels.”

The Paypers: 89 percent of B2B decision makes name ecommerce a key driver in business growth
“A new study by CloudCraze has revealed that ecommerce is expected to be a key growth driver in the B2B sector. Ecommerce can open new opportunities for businesses who, just recently, have been limited in their growth by geographies or resources, shows the study.”

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