News Round Up: Amazon Making Large Investments in B2B Commerce

February 20, 2018

Last week, news broke that Amazon plans to launch a shipping service—a bold move that shows it’s making large investments in the B2B space. This news should serve as a wakeup call for B2B companies. “If [B2B businesses] are already in the digital space, they need to continue to innovate, and if they’re not, they need to go digital, and do so now,” says CloudCraze President Ray Grady.

In several media stories, Ray Grady weighed in on the eCommerce giant’s big move. We encourage you to read on and learn more about its potential impact on B2B:

Multichannel Merchant
Amazon Reportedly Expanding Its Shipping Service Plans

Chief Marketer
Amazon Makes a Move

Industrial Distribution
What Amazon’s Entrance Into Delivery Means For Distributors, And B2B Commerce Overall

Biz Report
Will Amazon’s new moves cement them as a retail leader?

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