Industry Leader Launches Second eCommerce Site Powered by CloudCraze

June 11, 2013

Global Leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies adds second storefront in record time using CloudCraze, Enterprise eCommerce for Salesforce, as its premier cloud eCommerce solution.

CloudCraze, a Partner and the leader in on-demand Salesforce eCommerce, today announced that an industry-leading customer has launched CloudCraze to power its second B2B eCommerce site, this time targeted to its government business. Leveraging the work done to launch its first storefront, the client launched this second enterprise-level deployment of CloudCraze in just eight weeks.

The storefront is a comprehensive eCommerce system providing customized B2B pricing and promotions administered through the familiar Salesforce user interface. The entire implementation cycle was completed in an impressive 8 weeks, unprecedented for enterprise eCommerce. Because of its native architecture, CloudCraze also enables a complete 360-degree view of customers that utilize the storefront, setting the stage for stronger customer relationships and better overall engagement.

CloudCraze, enterprise eCommerce for Salesforce is the first and only proven enterprise-class eCommerce product developed natively on the Salesforce Platform. This unique architecture allows for the seamless melding of CRM and eCommerce processes without expensive integration costs. Shared meta-data Customer and Account objects guarantee a 360-degree view of customer interactions.

“This rapid deployment and second storefront for this customer is evidence of the speed and flexibility of CloudCraze. As the premier cloud eCommerce solution chosen by this industry leader, CloudCraze has delivered on the repeatable promise of an enterprise implementation 3 times faster and at 1/4 the cost of traditional on-premise eCommerce,” said Bill Loumpouridis, President and CEO at EDL Consulting and Founder at CloudCraze.

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