Forbes: The Inexorable Rise Of Amazon: Nine Reasons Why It’ll Only Get Bigger

August 4, 2017

Just yesterday, Amazon announced its staffing up several new teams to go big in cloud and distribution tech, and start a new autonomous robot program, demonstrating they are serious about taking over the B2B marketplace.

“As Amazon continues to focus on industries and categories it can dominate, we’re going to see increased pressure on manufacturers to adapt with more efficient B2B buying experiences. The ‘Amazon Effect’ and the role it’s had in shaping consumer behavior and demands is providing a wake-up call for the B2B industry regarding its outdated commerce practices. Now is the time for B2B sellers and distributors to take a note from Amazon’s strategy playbook and invest in a digital commerce platform that offers buyers a flexible, convenient buying experience, which drives revenue and keeps customers coming back while preventing the threat of disintermediation from Amazon.” — Ray Grady, president and CCO of CloudCraze, the only SaaS B2B commerce platform natively to Salesforce.

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