Forbes: 11 Tech Leaders Share The Real Truth About Artificial Intelligence (And What Really Matters)

August 29, 2017

Leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize data for B2B, eCommerce players can be a powerful accelerant in efficiencies and gain invaluable consumer insights while automating inventory management.

Ray Grady, President and CCO at CloudCraze, the only B2B commerce platform natively built on Salesforce states, “While still in its infancy in B2B, AI has the potential to radically transform eCommerce from both an operational and buyer experience perspective. AI puts endless amounts of actionable data into the hands of businesses, enabling them to analyze customer insights and contextual data to transform the way they do business with customers and improve internal operations. Combining customer browsing and buying habits with external data such as weather forecasts, regional trends, and crop reports can inform decisions for suppliers like product pricing, inventory replenishment, product recommendations, and promotions. On the flip side, AI makes it easier for B2B buyers to manage inventory and automate orders to guarantee stock levels stay balanced. AI helps buyers and sellers make more strategic decisions, save time, sell more and increase profits.”

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