CloudCraze Software Extends its Lead in B2B SaaS eCommerce with New Application Capabilities

October 27, 2015

Significant advances in functionality enable B2B customers to enhance customer relationships and accelerate adoption of online channels

CHICAGO, Oct. 27, 2015— CloudCraze™, an enterprise eCommerce platform built natively on the Salesforce Platform, announces today the rollout of six new functional capabilities that will be available to its B2B customers in its upcoming Winter 2016 release.

CloudCraze’s latest enhancements address a number of pain points in today’s B2B digital landscape, enabling B2B companies to develop stronger customer loyalty and faster adoption of their online channels. New features offer improved capabilities in invoicing, multi-account ordering, checkout process user experience (UX), subscription management, and B2B contract pricing.

“Invoicing is a major problem for the flow of sales for many of our customers, bottle necking payments and leaving ample room for error, said Andrew Witherspoon, executive vice president of CloudCraze. “B2B commerce requires the technological support for a myriad of payment and invoicing scenarios and this feature will allow more flexibility for customers’ unique payment needs.”

CloudCraze Invoicing enables ordering on accounts where payments occur at a future date, recurring billing for monthly quarterly or yearly invoicing, partial payments, and summary invoicing for ordering on accounts.

CloudCraze has also expanded Multi-Account Ordering, which allows individuals to order on behalf of multiple accounts and locations with specific pricing, product availability and other functionalities. This feature drives dynamic pricing and product availability based on the account selected.

In addition to powering more flexible invoicing and ordering, CloudCraze has decreased the time of the checkout process with Walleting. According to the 2014 B2B Procurement Study by Acquity Group, now Accenture Interactive, 26 percent of consumers abandon their carts because the checkout process took too long. Walleting addresses this frustration, enabling the user to save a payment method during checkout, choose from a pre-defined list and add a variety of payment options, including credit cards and other online payment options such as PayPal. Additionally, Walleting allows the saved payment method to be tied to recurring billing and invoicing.

In order to accommodate the growing demand for subscription- based services, CloudCraze now provides for the management of complex subscription use cases, including the ability to manage complex subscription bundling and unbundling, inclusive of devices and media. This service will also enable its customers to manage discounts, promotions and refunds across devices, media and services, as well as recurring payments and orders.

Finally, CloudCraze now offers enhanced capabilities to its B2B contract pricing services. By extending the existing account and context specific pricing and entitlements, CloudCraze has enabled multi-select contract ordering as well as by ship-to/sold-to catalog pricing.

“The multi-tenant nature of our cloud-based platform allows our customers to easily consume new features from both CloudCraze and Salesforce”, added Witherspoon. “This rollout sets us far above the rest of the market and we will continue to roll out new capabilities to provide the very best in integrated and scalable end-to-end services.”

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About CloudCraze

CloudCraze delivers enterprise-class cross-channel eCommerce on Salesforce that is four times faster and one-fifth the cost of traditional eCommerce applications. CloudCraze is built natively on the Salesforce Platform so clients can deploy mobile storefronts quickly, generate online revenue in weeks, and easily scale for growth. In a single Salesforce instance, CloudCraze shares data and processes across eCommerce and CRM and it’s all easily managed through the point-and-click Salesforce interface. CloudCraze is working with clients like PonoMusic, Barry Callebaut, Avid and Zimmer Dental.

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