CloudCraze Adds Subscription Management to its Customer Engagement Commerce on the Salesforce1 Platform

September 30, 2014

CloudCraze users benefit from consistent enhancements to its Enterprise eCommerce product

Salesforce 1 Product Release

CloudCraze, the leading provider of Customer Engagement Commerce on the Salesforce1 Platform, announced four major product enhancements in its Autumn ‘14 release:

  • Subscriptions Management: Merchandise, sell and service subscription products, including renewal and cancellation across all channels
  • Searchandizing: Optimize merchandising with easy-to-configure search ranking, sorting, filtering and presentation of offers
  • Dynamic Storefronts: Deliver one-to-many personalized storefronts, with customer- and segment-specific branding, promotions, products and pricing
  • Delegated Ordering: Direct B2B purchase power by delegating order processes while maintaining central visibility, approval or control

“Enabling CloudCraze Subscription Management in partnership with strategic customers is an important milestone for CloudCraze,” said Andrew Witherspoon, executive vice president. “But what’s really significant is our ability to bundle subscriptions along with one-time purchases. This gives CloudCraze customers the greatest flexibility for pricing and promotions, which makes it easier for them to execute complex go-to-market strategies.”

The Autumn ‘14 Release builds on improvements delivered earlier this year. In the first quarter, CloudCraze released full Salesforce Community collaboration and engagement, plus Salesforce1 mobile functionality. As a result, CloudCraze provides Customer Engagement Commerce in a single Salesforce1 mobile package.

About CloudCraze

CloudCraze is the first and only proven enterprise-class B2C/B2B cross channel eCommerce product developed natively on the Salesforce1 Platform. It delivers the reliability and scalability of while sharing data and processes with existing CRM deployments within a single Salesforce instance.

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Contact: Sarah Traxler