3 Productivity Secrets From Small Business Leaders

May 23, 2016

Our product director of customer engagement, Phil Weinmeister, shares productivity tips with Salesforce in a recent Forbes article, 3 Productivity Secrets from Small Business Leaders.

“Productivity is the only way to achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time,” shares Laura Stack during a recent SalesforceLIVE event. As owner of the Productivity Pro, and author of Doing the Right Things Right, Stack knows a thing or two about productive habits and skills. However, she’s not the only one. We recently spoke with AppExchange partners NewVoiceMedia, CloudCraze and HeyWire about this achievement-happy topic. We asked these partners, as well as Laura Stack, about their experiences boosting productivity in the workplace, and how others can do the same. Here’s a look at their best tidbits.

Read the full article, 3 Productivity Secrets from Small Business Leaders, on Forbes.

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