Must-Know B2B Commerce Trends in 2017

The latest B2B commerce trends have indicated a shift towards intuitive, self-service digital platforms. This shift has forced brands to take an in-depth look at their eCommerce solutions, and evaluate how well their platforms are performing and serving buyers.

Why Digital is Topping B2B Commerce Trends in 2017

B2B commerce is quickly outpacing B2C commerce. Forrester predicts that by 2019 the B2B digital Commerce market will be worth $1.1 trillion, compared to B2C at $480 billion. Most of this growth is attributed to the rapid technology shift that digital B2B Commerce has undergone.

In 2015, worldwide spend on digital commerce platforms topped $4.7 billion. By 2020, Gartner estimates the market will grow over 15 percent. That means the time to invest in scalable, robust eCommerce technology is now.

The Trends to Look Out for in B2B eCommerce Solutions

Awareness of current B2B eCommerce trends can help you implement technology that will ensure your brand stays on top of sales cycles and delivers a flawless buyer journey. Here are the features in eCommerce technology worth taking note of:

  • Cloud-Based Platforms – Generic, ERP-based platforms aren’t robust enough to handle the demands of today’s digital commerce environment. You need a cloud-based eCommerce platform with a strong architecture that makes B2B buying more intuitive and efficient, and is scalable to grow along with your brand.
  • Salesforce Native Technology – Separate CRM and eCommerce tools can lead to communication gaps and cause data errors. Digital commerce on Salesforce mitigates the need for siloed technology. That means more transparency, optimized data and simple integration with legacy platforms.
  • Omni-Channel Engagement – In 2016, omni-channel engagement was among the top digital B2B commerce trends. The same holds true in 2017, as customers continue to demand a seamless buying experience across multiple touchpoints. How can you accommodate these expectations? Implement an eCommerce platform that enables you to create a personalized ordering experience, managing everything from order subscription to payments.

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