Maximize Your eCommerce Investment With a SaaS Solution

Looking to maximize your eCommerce investment? You’re not alone. Today’s B2B eCommerce brands face a more saturated, competitive marketplace than ever before. And with the demand for intuitive, seamless multi-channel buying experiences growing louder every day, it’s imperative organizations invest in the technology and solutions that meet industry – and customer – expectations.

The ERP eCommerce Challenge

The overwhelming majority of B2B sellers use legacy commerce systems. And while this technology was at one point effective, changing market dynamics have left organizations dealing with outdated, costly systems.

CloudCraze’s 2016 State of Digital Commerce Report, which surveyed 340 marketing and IT professionals across B2B and B2C organizations, revealed that 40 percent of users relying on legacy technology spend more than $3 million in implementation costs. An additional 53 percent reported implementation cycles lasting longer than one year.

Unfortunately, spending more on your commerce platform doesn’t guarantee its effectiveness. Only 53 percent of survey respondents agree their current eCommerce system allows them to be as profitable as possible. Overall, antiquated and rigid technology negatively impacts company ROI and drains resources.

3 Ways SaaS Solutions Maximize Your eCommerce Investment

A new era of eCommerce requires technology that is agile and iterative. Unfortunately, legacy ERP- systems aren’t equipped to tackle the demands of the B2B eCommerce marketplace. As digital commerce becomes the most common touchpoint for buyers and sellers, more organizations are turning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to meet their needs.

Built to operate in an efficient and effective manner, SaaS allows you to maximize your eCommerce investment and experience the highest possible ROI through:

  1. Little downtime and increased speed-to-market. As opposed to legacy eCommerce solutions, SaaS platforms deploy in weeks, not months. If you choose to integrate with your company’s existing solutions, most SaaS eCommerce solutions are built with advanced architecture that simplifies integration hurdles.
  2. On-demand software iteration. Most legacy platforms require regular, costly upgrades. SaaS solutions iterate on demand with continual adaptation to meet changing market and buyer needs.
  3. Zero hardware infrastructure investments. Because SaaS technology is hosted in the cloud, there is no need for on-premise hardware – and in turn, no additional equipment and facility costs to drive up operating fees.

Get the Most From Your eCommerce Investment

The first platform of its kind, CloudCraze delivers robust B2B commerce native on Salesforce. Our eCommerce platform allows businesses to generate online revenue fast while easily scaling for growth. Our customer-first commerce model puts the buyer at the core, gathering in-depth customer data and using it to inform every interaction across multiple channels. Download our report, "The B2B Digital Commerce Imperative" to the right to learn the opportunities inherent in a cloud-based commerce solution to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Interested in learning more about how you maximize your eCommerce investment? Our ROI calculator has the answer. Get started today.