Marketplaces allow companies to expand their product and services assortment and better meet customers demand for more.

Expand your product assortment.

Adding a marketplace allows businesses the chance to quickly extend their product assortment and available pool of inventory. This applies to both multi-channel and pure play online sellers.

Improve your customer experience.

B2B customers want choice, competitive prices, and above all, an outstanding buying experience. A strong marketplace enhances site navigability and establishes a consistent omni-channel experience between the offline and online channels. This directly leads to increased customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Reduce your inventory risk.

It can be risky and expensive to expand inventory expansion in the traditional business model. You have to plan, buy, store, and ship products without knowing if customers truly desire them. This often results in wasted dollars and time. But a marketplace allows you to increase your product assortment without taking on the perils of merchandising, buying, warehousing, and shipping.

Drive profitable growth.

Marketplaces streamline the process to onboard new third-party sellers and products. This makes it easier and more cost efficient to expand products at scale, driving increased traffic, sales, and 2 to 3 times more profitable dollars on those sales than traditional owned products.

Featured Customer Stories

“We now have the chance with the CloudCraze infrastructure to really become more of a hub for our industry.”

Achim Voermanek, Head of Marketplace Division

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“A benefit of having CloudCraze on Salesforce or eCommerce on Salesforce is that it’s fast to deploy.”

Lori Jarchow, Customer Facing Solutions

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"We have been able to increase first-time-right orders by 300 percent."

Steven VanDamme, Global CIO

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