It’s Time for Cloud-Based Commerce SaaS

B2B buyers’ want a cohesive, intuitive buying experience. But many B2B organizations fail to meet buyers’ needs without commerce SaaS in place. Instead, many sellers are still using clunky, ERP-based solutions that can’t deliver the data you need to stay connected to customers and create a seamless buying experience.

4 Signs it’s Time for You to Make the Switch to Cloud-Based Commerce Technology

While on-premise, ERP-based commerce platforms have long dominated the market, these solutions are not built to meet the growing demands of the B2B eCommerce landscape. You need commerce SaaS that addresses and overcomes the constant, evolving challenges of B2B selling.

It can be difficult – and even overwhelming – to recognize when it’s time to make the switch to cloud-based technology. The good news is there are signs you can look for that indicate it’s time for your business to adopt a new, more robust platform:

  1. Legacy technology takes too long to get to market. B2B eCommerce moves quickly. The last thing you want is to deal with is commerce technology that takes months to deploy. Cloud-based solutions require minimal setup and offer a faster speed to market, meaning you can start earning revenue and serving customers as quickly as possible.
  2. You’re not getting enough customer insights. You need data to understand your customers. Most legacy commerce solutions don’t operate on unified customer data, leading to an inability to see clearly into the customer buying journey. Cloud-based solutions consistently deliver metrics and insights in real time, so you maintain constant levels of connectivity. Plus, this in-depth insight into customers enables you to create a fully customer-centric buying experience.
  3. Current technology is not scalable or adaptable to market changes. Growth is good. Outgrowing your commerce solution isn’t. Unlike most on-premise legacy solutions, cloud-based commerce SaaS allows you to iterate your site quickly and expand product offerings to address market trends, customer feedback and more.

Cloud-Based, Customer-Centric Commerce SaaS

CloudCraze is the first – and only – provider to offer commerce SaaS built entirely on Salesforce. Leveraging the power of the world’s most trusted CRM, we equip the world’s largest brands with a scalable, customer-centric and cloud-based solution in a market that demands constant innovation and transparency.

At CloudCraze, we take cloud-based commerce technology to the next level. Experience the CloudCraze advantage for your B2B business, and add your brand to the growing list of market leaders leveraging our one-of-a-kind platform. To learn more, fill out the form to the right for our whitepaper, "Maximizing SaaS Sales with Cloud-Based Commerce."