It’s Hackath-ON! CloudCraze Pushes Innovative Thinking with Sprint-Like Event

Written by , | Aug 15, 2017

CloudCraze team members across development, sales engineering and professional services recently gathered together to compete in a company hackathon. The objective: brainstorm and develop potential future enhancements to the CloudCraze solution, as well as create synergies across departments.

CloudCraze put together this event to allow its employees the opportunity to get outside of their day-to-day roles, and think bigger, bolder and more out-of-the-box about additional value we can provide to our customers.

During this event, groups of cross-functional CloudCraze employees discussed real-world customer and system integrator experiences, and worked to create cutting-edge solutions that address existing pain points and future opportunities.

Each group focused on a unique way to solve for specific challenges, whether through technological advances like AI capabilities on Salesforce Einstein or by making it easier for customers to administer and troubleshoot the solution. Other ideas presented included: enhancements to search, subscription and promo experiences, as well as ways to improve development efficiencies. CloudCraze aims to eventually integrate these offerings into its marketplace or into the overall solution.

“We have a dynamic and talented team here at CloudCraze.” said CEO Chris Dalton, “It benefits our company, technology, customers and partners to have these great minds carve out time to think creatively, work collaboratively, and drive forward-looking technologies. Events, like this hackathon, help us continue to sharpen our skills and innovate our solution.”

In preparation for the hackathon, each team spent a few hours brainstorming and agreeing on two ideas, outlining those ideas, and identifying the required development infrastructure. The groups built a demo and a created a fifteen-minute presentation to share with a panel of three judges: CEO Chris Dalton, Chief Customer Officer and President Ray Grady, and COO Jay Abraham.

The judging criteria included:

  • Innovation – The idea or solution is new or novel
  • Applicability to CloudCraze – The idea or solution applies to our business
  • Clarity – The idea or solution is conveyed in an easy to understand manner
  • Overall Team Contribution – All members of the team participated in a meaningful way

“I was thoroughly impressed by the inspired ideas these teams brought to the table,” said CCO Ray Grady, “It’s this sort of enthusiastic and inventive thinking that contributes to the continued success of CloudCraze.”

This is one of many Hackathons CloudCraze hosts. The next Hackathon will incorporate system integrators so they can offer additional ideas and insights. CloudCraze is regularly looking for ways to incorporate feedback from its partners, customers and employees, and these Hackathons are an engaging and productive way of ideating on this feedback.

Looking to join a creative, energetic team? CloudCraze is hiring. You can find all available positions here.

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