Software and Media

Software and Media

Transforming B2B Customer Engagement in a Software-as-a-Service World (SaaS)

Software and media companies increasingly recognize the value of engaging customers online and participating in the subscription-based economy. Successful companies benefit from increased subscription sales, automated renewals, recurring revenue and improved customer loyalty, all while reducing costs. But businesses need a channel for selling SaaS or subscription services in a way that meets the complex needs of today’s business buyer. With CloudCraze, companies can offer customized, flexible commerce solutions designed to address the industry’s unique buying and selling needs.

Streamline systems

Create new revenue streams from one-stop shop of SaaS offerings

Automate Renewals

Streamline and maximize renewal opportunities


Allow buyers to engage directly with partners

Expand your product/services assortment

Increase your product offerings while reducing inventory risk

“Fully engaged customers deliver a 23% premium over average customers in share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth.”

- "B2B Customers Have Feelings Too" Gallup Business

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