Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturers and distributors are at a crossroads

As customer demands shift and “ease of doing business” becomes a must, manufacturers and distributors must provide an online buying experience or risk falling behind their competitors. But many companies struggle to find a commerce solution that can handle the complexities of their industry. Some turn to custom development, others to several disparate systems in their quest to get online. Both paths can be costly to maintain and often create a disjointed customer experience. CloudCraze empowers manufacturers and distributors to eliminate friction through one seamless solution, improving their overall customer engagement.

Streamline ordering process

Allows customers to easily make purchasing decisions 24/7

Enhanced customer support tools

Supports account-based pricing, shared carts, and split shipments

Architecture built to embrace change

Easily scale products, pricing, sales flows and sites

Guided online ordering

Enhance the effectiveness of sales teams and reduce cost per interaction

Digitize the long tail

Reduce costs and serve customers you can’t serve today

Enable emerging, disruptive business models

Leverage data and information assets to build new revenue streams

“By 2018, companies that consumerize their B2B digital commerce sites will gain market share and see revenue increase up to 25%.”

- Source: “Embrace the Possibilities and Distinct Characteristics of B2B Digital Commerce for Optimal Results” Gartner

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