Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

B2B consumer goods economy is undergoing a seismic shift

Business buyers increasingly expect a B2C-like purchasing experience and consumer good companies must get ahead of this expectation or risk losing sales. To amplify profitability, companies need to offer a flexible, digital channel with self-service capabilities. Digital commerce allows companies to accelerate new sales models and redefine how they engage with customers. CloudCraze allows consumer goods companies to generate online revenue quickly, scale for growth, and stay digitally connected to customers in evolving markets:

Digitize the Long Tail

Reduce costs and serve customers you can’t serve today

Easy Scalability

Cost-effectively grow into global/developing markets overtime


Supports contract pricing & market/dynamic

On-Brand Experience

Establish consistent, standardized experience across channels

“67 percent of consumer products executives surveyed cited significant potential for digital technologies to amplify sales through traditional channels.”

- “CPG Sales Leaders Go Multichannel” A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Accenture

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