Hybris Storms the Stage

Written by , | Feb 18, 2015

YaaS is to PaaS as Yeezus is to…

At the Hybris customer event in Munich, Hybris announced their latest Cloud offering called, “YaaS.” Yes, “YaaS.”

According to Forbes, “YaaS is a front-office business platform delivered via CloudFoundry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology. It offers customers and partners the ability to build and customize ecommerce and other customer-facing capabilities in a developer-agnostic, open PaaS environment”.

Just as Yeezus, (a.k.a.,  Kanye West) stormed the stage (again) this year at the Grammys, YaaS is storming the Cloud stage to announce that even though you might have been happily using Salesforce PaaS for oh, say 5 years now, YaaS is really the PaaS.

The facts are that Salesforce has set the standard for Enterprise PaaS since 2008, when they were the only one. The Salesforce AppExchange ISV ecosystem, built over the course of the last 7 years, is the envy of every Enterprise software company including SAP. Companies like Coca-Cola and GE are on record as having embraced the Salesforce Cloud years ago.

yaasOur CloudCraze eCommerce product competes head-to-head with Hybris. The reason we consistently win against Hybris is because of our value-proposition:  eCommerce as the centerpiece of a holistic customer-interaction platform. And with the addition of real-time collaboration enabled through the Salesforce Community Cloud, we’ve upped the ante for even stronger  customer interactions.

It was bound 2 happen that SAP and Oracle start down the road to PaaS. That said, when Yeezus stormed the stage last in 2009, Hybris was just another Java-based eCommerce silo. Indeed, they have a lot of catching up to do before their graduation to PaaS can be considered a success.


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