How to Identify a Robust Enterprise eCommerce Solution

B2B customer and market dynamics are rapidly changing. A robust enterprise eCommerce solution is the only way for B2B businesses to adapt to a constantly evolving landscape. Why? Because a powerful eCommerce platform is agile, flexible and allows you to meet and engage with customers during every stage of the buying process.

How to Identify a Robust Enterprise eCommerce Solution

There are plenty of enterprise eCommerce platforms and solutions available on the market. But failing to properly research and invest in the right product could lead to more problems – and higher expenses – down the line.

What you need is a robust enterprise eCommerce solution with a suite of capabilities that makes it easy to stay connected with customers, 24/7. This is done through:

  • Granular data that provides a 360-degree view of customers – The key to understanding customers is data. You want an eCommerce solution that gives you a real-time, comprehensive view of buyers. Armed with these insights, you’re able to more accurately predict customers’ needs and create a better, more personalized buying experience.
  • Creating a seamless omni-channel buying experience – Successful brands engage with buyers across multiple channels. A robust enterprise eCommerce solution allows customers to self-serve and make purchasing decisions anytime, anywhere and from any device. This leads to greater customer engagement and spend, while simultaneously reducing the cost-to serve customers.
  • Technology built natively on Salesforce – Salesforce is one of the most trusted CRM platforms in the world. Instead of implementing a commerce solution that works separately from Salesforce, consider a solution built directly on the platform. Salesforce’s infrastructure supports total transparency, creating a smooth selling experience for you, and an even better buying experience for customers.

Creating a Robust Enterprise eCommerce Solution With CloudCraze

At CloudCraze, we felt the B2B eCommerce market was missing something: A platform that was agile, flexible and delivered actionable consumer insights that allowed brands to easily scale their marketing and sales strategies.
So, we decided to build our one-of-a-kind commerce platform. Unlike legacy technology, CloudCraze’s solution is built entirely on Salesforce. Its secure, compliant and reliable infrastructure helps our clients deliver quality interactions with customers.
When you choose CloudCraze, you’re getting:

  • Core Salesforce Capabilities – As a native application on Salesforce, CloudCraze leverages core capabilities, including standard and custom objects, workflow rules, localization, reporting and more.
  • Routine Upgrades – CloudCraze follows the same upgrade cycles as Salesforce (three times a year), meaning your technology is always up-to-date.
  • Zero Integration Required – Native technology means zero integration between CloudCraze and Salesforce – and fewer complex systems to build and maintain.

The robust enterprise eCommerce solution you need is here. Download our Forrester report by filling out the form to the right to learn how the top 11 B2B commerce providers stack up.