How to Choose an eCommerce Platform

The shift toward B2B digital commerce has several businesses wondering: how do you choose the right eCommerce platform? The answer: A solution that is scalable, cost-effective and delivers the data necessary to better understand and serve customers.

To stay ahead of the curve – and the competition – you need a cloud-based eCommerce platform that simplifies the buyer journey for a streamlined, optimized experience.

Finding the Right eCommerce Platform

Selecting an eCommerce platform is a big decision with little room for error. But finding the right solution can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Here are some tips on how to choose an eCommerce platform:

  • Focus on fast deployment. You don’t want an eCommerce solution that takes months to get to market. Look for a platform that enables rapid deployment so that your company can start generating revenue quickly and better meet the needs of your customers in a timelier manner.
  • Look for software that fits your business. If your business is focused on a direct sales or partner channel that takes orders — understanding how commerce and CRM play a role in transforming your business is instrumental. Your eCommerce solution should support your specific B2B use case. Look for a solution that can support the complex needs of your B2B buyers, such as incorporating contract terms and specialized pricing. Technology that supports these needs and more will set your eCommerce channel up for success.
  • Search for a solution that provides a comprehensive view of customers. The eCommerce platform you choose should deliver real-time data that presents a clear, 360-degree view of your customers. This information gives you the tools to improve the buying experience while simultaneously increasing customer loyalty.
  • Don’t neglect scalability. Your eCommerce platform should grow with your brand. You need technology that is completely scalable, meeting the rigors and fast-growing demands of B2B eCommerce. Plus, you’ll save on technology costs down the line when you know you can rely on the same platform in the years ahead.

With new competitors entering the market, B2B eCommerce shows no signs of slowing down. It’s important now more than ever that you gain – and retain – customers. Selecting the right B2B eCommerce platform allows you to adapt to a changing landscape, meeting buyers’ unique needs every step of the way.

How to Choose an eCommerce Platform: Start With CloudCraze

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