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Getting the Most From Your eCommerce Platform Solutions

All eCommerce platform solutions are built the same, right? Not even close. There are hundreds of platforms available on the market, but not all of them are equipped to handle the rigors and demands of B2B selling.

You don’t want a run-of-the-mill, basic SaaS solution. You want an agile platform that delivers the insights and metrics you need by working seamlessly with existing CRM technology.

Why Your eCommerce and CRM Solutions Should Work Together

A robust eCommerce platform should act in unison with CRM solutions. Too many B2B eCommerce businesses rely on outdated, siloed technology, leaving them with only a partial understanding of customers’ wants and needs.

If you’re considering eCommerce platform solutions, look for technology that integrates with your CRM solutions seamlessly or is native to your CRM platform. These solutions empower your brand to give customers the products, services and information they need while simultaneously benefitting your business:

  • You’ll gain access to 24/7 customer data. Data is the key to understanding your customers. Separate eCommerce and CRM solutions often don’t communicate, making you jump back and forth between platforms to reconcile data. But technology that is either built natively on your CRM – like a native solution on Salesforce – or can seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM, helps unify this information. This affords you access to real-time, comprehensive buyer information whenever you need it.
  • Software integrations are less complex. It’s not uncommon for organizations to integrate eCommerce technology with existing ERP-based platforms. However, you don’t want a solution that requires your IT team to build and maintain complex integrations. When you choose a platform that integrates easily with your CRM or ERP systems (or is built natively on them), you’ll avoid draining time and monetary resources.
  • You can easily adapt to an evolving B2B eCommerce landscape. Customer and market dynamics change rapidly. Commerce solutions native to Salesforce empower your business to meet demands with scalable, adaptable functions that keep pace with brand and market growth.

Finding Your Salesforce-Native eCommerce Platform Solutions

The right eCommerce solution comes from the right eCommerce partner. You need a partner that understands your individual business challenges and has the solution to address each of those concerns.

What makes a good eCommerce partner?

  • Providers should have experience serving some of the world’s largest, most well-known brands.
  • They can showcase customer success stories that prove the advantage of their eCommerce solution.

Gain an Edge on B2B eCommerce Competition

CloudCraze is the first – and only – provider to offer eCommerce platform solutions built natively to Salesforce. By leveraging the core capabilities of the world’s most trusted CRM, we empower companies to transform their digital engagement strategies. The result is fast, more agile and scalable eCommerce.

CloudCraze makes CRM and eCommerce integration simple. To learn more, fill out the form to the right for our whitepaper, "The New Paradigm: Customer-First eCommerce."