Finding the Best eCommerce SaaS Vendors

Think all eCommerce SaaS vendors are the same? Not by a long shot. Locating the right technology vendor is a crucial step in enhancing the buying experience for your B2B customers. After all, your vendor is your partner – you rely on them to provide a robust platform that meets customer needs and takes your B2B selling capabilities to the next level.

Why You Don’t Want an Inexperienced eCommerce SaaS Partner

A simple internet search will reveal hundreds (or thousands) of available eCommerce vendors. But it’s important not to settle for the first company you find. Why? Because choosing reliable eCommerce SaaS vendors should involve a careful selection process. A haphazard, rushed approach could lead to:

  • Software or platform issues that take months to resolve
  • Negative customer buying experiences, which lead to negative brand perception
  • Implementing the wrong solution and having to make the costly change of replacing it

Must-Have Features From eCommerce SaaS Vendors

Your ability to create an intuitive, fluid buying experience hinges on the vendor you choose to partner with. For the most advantageous results and the highest possible ROI, choose from vendors that:

  • Have experience working with large, global brands. Below average SaaS vendors can’t point to customer success stories. You want a partner who has experience working with and are trusted by global, well-known brands.
  • Offer technology built on Salesforce. It might not seem like the obvious choice, but eCommerce built on Salesforce is a big advantage in the B2B eCommerce space. Unlike run-of-the-mill SaaS, platforms built on Salesforce are simple, user-friendly and far more robust than solutions that require CRM integration.
  • Work with you to create omnichannel buying experiences. Customers continuously demand omnichannel engagement. Choose from eCommerce SaaS vendors that enable engagement with customers across multiple touchpoints to create an easy, one-of-a-kind ordering process.

Taking on eCommerce SaaS With CloudCraze

CloudCraze recognizes that the demand for robust eCommerce Saas – as well as a vendor you can rely on – is high. Our innovative platform combines the capabilities of an eCommerce solution and Salesforce to bring you comprehensive, reliable software.

We’ve designed our eCommerce SaaS to be:

  • Customer-Centric – CloudCraze lets businesses put customers first. The powerful combination of CRM and commerce gives businesses access to complete and accurate customer data, leading to informed interactions and engagement.
  • Fast to Market – We deliver best-in-class B2B commerce functionality. That means our technology deploys in weeks, not months, CloudCraze is delivered as SaaS and uses a modern API architecture that reduces integration hurdles.
  • Adaptable – CloudCraze’s customer-first structure allows businesses to rapidly adapt to market dynamics and evolving customer needs. Companies quickly set up new businesses models rather than waiting months for periodic updates.

CloudCraze is the go-to among eCommerce SaaS vendors. To find out why B2B companies are embracing subscription based models, fill out the form to the right for our whitepaper, "Maximizing SaaS Sales with Cloud-Based Commerce."