eCommerce Communities Capturing Mindshare

Written by , | Jul 09, 2013

B2B Commerce is expanding in many new and different forms and end-users accustomed to highly efficient consumer sites have heightened expectations for these systems. B2B employees are taking to the field with mobile solutions to serve customers more efficiently. Customers, Partners and Employees alike are relying on collaboration networks that are enabled through real-time software tools to gain higher levels of customer-centric service and support.

With the advent of Salesforce Communities, extends its innovation lead over SAP and Oracle by recognizing and delivering on the social and mobile transformation in business systems. Through Communities, Salesforce Chatter, Knowledge and Ideas converge in a branded, mobile-ready collaboration environment that provides the interaction and toolset that end-users expect today in their eCommerce experience.

The combination of Salesforce Communities and CloudCraze eCommerce for Salesforce provide a powerful platform for customer engagement and monetization, taking B2B eCommerce to a new level.

For complex B2B2B and B2B2C value-chains, it is now possible for branded manufacturers to engage with end-users of their products while simultaneously empowering channel partners to sell more. Consider the following capabilities:

  • Chatter-enabled Communities can share best practices in promotions, placement and pricing optimization for a given channel.
  • Consumer sentiment measurements based on social media can be communicated to channel partners in meaningful ways through shared dashboards that provide the metrics to drive higher sales.
  • Customer service centers providing FAQ and technical support can “order on behalf of their customer” to complete the service chain and seamlessly blend online and offline interactions.

The most enabling characteristic of these capabilities is the holistic nature in which they are delivered. Salesforce provides for the consolidation of Partner and Consumer activities providing unprecedented transparency into the entire value-chain through a single platform and integrated data.

Ultimately, these insights can lead to higher sales, improved demand forecasting, more efficient channel through-put and greater customer brand affinity – a compelling recipe for success.

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