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Driving Omnichannel Sales With CRM and eCommerce Integration

CRM and eCommerce integration is a must-have for businesses looking to monitor and measure customer interactions, turning those interactions into new revenue opportunities.

Even more, integrated technology allows businesses to meet one rising customer expectation: A unique, personalized buying experience from start to finish.

Integrating CRM and eCommerce Technology

It’s difficult for CRM and eCommerce technology to communicate effectively when they’re acting as two separate platforms. Data is not presented in real-time, causing inaccurate and incomplete numbers. And a lack of relevant information makes it nearly impossible to deliver a personalized, customer-centric shopping experience.

CRM and eCommerce integration overcomes these challenges by providing a centralized database that houses information you need to create seamless omni-channel interactions. Instead of disparate on-premise solutions, integrated technology provides a robust system that delivers a variety of advantages to your business:

  • Unmatched Buying Experience – Today’s customers demand a flawless buying experience. Technology should use customer data and behavior to inform every interaction allowing you to create an intuitive, personalized customer experience.
  • Iterative Technology – You should never worry about outgrowing your technology. SaaS-based technology that allows you to integrate new complimentary solutions, in addition to CRM – like Salesforce Einstein, IBM Watson, IoT, Certona, Rich Relevance – ensures that you never outgrow your customer or market demands.
  • Data-Driven Selling – Understanding customers and their buying behaviors is key to better selling. Integrated commerce technology presents accurate, real-time data that enables businesses to understand, predict and tailor selling around buyer behavior.

The rigors of today’s marketplace demand CRM and eCommerce integration. To avoid lagging behind your competitors, it’s important that information is shared seamlessly from solution to solution. A cloud-based solution effectively establishes these fluid interactions across channels, delivering a 360-degree view of customers 100 percent of the time.

That’s where CloudCraze comes in.

CRM and eCommerce Integration Made Simple

Integrated eCommerce shouldn’t be complicated. At CloudCraze, we combined the power of eCommerce technology with the trusted infrastructure of Salesforce. The result is an agile, transparent solution that streamlines B2B commerce.

Unlike on-premise, siloed solutions, CloudCraze offers a centralized database where you can access customer information and insights. Our platform also features:

  • Customer-First Engagement – CloudCraze puts emphasis on buyers by leveraging a customer-centric, data-driven solution. Combining the powerful capabilities of Salesforce and commerce software grants businesses complete access to customer data, leading to informed interactions and superior engagement.
  • Accelerated Speed to Market – Unlike other solutions with extended deployment periods, CloudCraze delivers market-ready, best-in-class functionality that’s ready to deploy in weeks. Delivered as SaaS, CloudCraze uses a modern API architecture that reduces integration hurdles.
  • Cloud-Based Technology – Since CloudCraze is built on the world’s most trusted cloud-based CRM platform it leverages the same core customer data, allowing users to easily scale.

CloudCraze makes CRM and eCommerce integration simple. To learn more about the benefits of a customer-first commerce platform, fill out the form to the right for our whitepaper, "The New Paradigm: Customer-First eCommerce."