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Do You Know What to Look for From B2B eCommerce Software?

When you’re researching different B2B eCommerce software solutions for your business, it’s important to make sure the technology you select is equipped to handle the rigors and complexities of B2B selling. That means you need a platform that is scalable, user-friendly and grants you access to holistic information so you can better serve and understand your customers.

The B2B eCommerce Solutions to Avoid

Picking technology for your B2B eCommerce operations involves a careful selection process. There’s no shortage of platform options available, but not all of them are right for your business. Even more, blindly choosing a platform could lead to high recovery costs and back-end problems.

Here’s what you want to avoid when selecting B2B eCommerce software:

  • Platforms that don’t work well with existing CRM technology
  • Solutions that don’t offer in-depth customer metrics and insights
  • Technology with an extensive deployment period
  • Technology that focuses primarily on B2C selling, with B2B as a secondary focus

Features of Customer-Centric B2B eCommerce Software

Don’t waste time and money on subpar solutions. You want B2B eCommerce software that optimizes the buying experience for customers while simplifying the selling experience for you. Technology that achieves this should be:

  • Adaptable – Flexible software allows you to adapt quickly to the changing landscape and consumer needs. When your platform is built to scale, your site never becomes outdated and your customers are always happy.
  • CRM-Friendly – Your CRM and B2B eCommerce software should work flawlessly together, something that’s hard to achieve when working with two separate systems. However, software that easily integrates – or is entirely native – to your existing CRM automatically retains your customer data, ensuring information is always accurate and easily accessible.
  • Insightful – The best way to meet customer expectations is to have access to real-time buyer data. Select an eCommerce platform that delivers comprehensive, 360-degree views of customers. This allows you to create a more customer-focused, intuitive buying experience.

All-in-One B2B eCommerce Technology From CloudCraze

At CloudCraze, we know customer and market dynamics change rapidly. Our all-in-one B2B eCommerce software empowers your business to meet these demands while keeping you 100 percent connected to buyers.

Unlike other B2B eCommerce technology, CloudCraze is the first solution built natively on Salesforce, the world’s most trusted CRM. By leveraging core Salesforce capabilities and the trusted platform infrastructure, we provide a simple, completely transparent solution that meets the demands and complexities involved with B2B eCommerce.

Zero integration. 24/7 insight. Easier eCommerce. That’s the CloudCraze advantage.

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