Digitally Drive Revenue for Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturing sales used to be an entirely in-person exchange. But an increasingly digital landscape has given way to new B2B selling requirements. As customers have become more digitally savvy, the demand for an all-in-one online buying experience has grown.

It’s more important than ever that medical device manufacturers reevaluate their current sales model and look for new ways to drive profit and uncover new revenue streams.

Why Medical Device Manufacturers Need SaaS-based eCommerce

There is an urgency for B2B sellers to undergo a digital transformation and move away from outdated solutions that frustrate customers and limit revenue opportunities. The answer for companies serving the medical device manufacturing industry is SaaS-based eCommerce. Here’s why:

  • SaaS-based commerce delivers 24/7 customer insights. Your business needs data to make informed selling decisions. SaaS commerce solutions deliver up-to-the-minute customer insights regarding buying behavior and patterns. This information supports new sales initiatives, as well as opportunities for cross selling and upselling customers.
  • Omnichannel engagement is simple. Customers want an intuitive buying experience that spans across multiple platforms. SaaS eCommerce technology supports omnichannel sales by engaging customers across multiple touchpoints. This closes the gap between sales channels and creates a frictionless buying cycle.
  • Constant platform iteration keeps you up to date. B2B selling for medical device manufacturing is constantly evolving. SaaS-based commerce that iterates on demand enables you to keep up with unexpected market changes and customer needs.
  • Technology is tailored around your business. Unlike on-premise solutions that require a total technology overhaul, SaaS-based eCommerce requires no IT upheaval and causes zero disruptions to your business. Plus, most SaaS solutions integrate easily with legacy CRM and other company technology.

The medical device manufacturing industry needs a solution that facilitates an optimized buying process and incentivizes customers to make more purchases and remain loyal long term. The solution? B2B eCommerce with CloudCraze.

Drive More Digital Revenue for Medical Device Manufacturing

Today’s winners in B2B eCommerce operate with a different set of rules. CloudCraze allows businesses to embrace customer-first B2B commerce models so they can sell more, foster brand growth and leverage a disruptive advantage.

Born in the cloud and built natively on Salesforce, CloudCraze is data driven, iterates on demand and lets you configure software, requiring less time and monetary investment.

Digitally drive revenue while staying 100 percent connected to customers with CloudCraze. Discover how CloudCraze can help you gain a competitive edge and transform your business with our "Cloud Based Commerce Roadmap" to the right.