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Land O' Lakes Digital Transformation with CloudCraze

Land O’ Lakes recognized that it needed to transform its agribusiness with B2B commerce. The company wanted a customer-facing application that it could quickly change to meet market demands. Learn how CloudCraze met its requirements for fast execution, enterprise grade functionality and cloud architecture.

Webinar - Drive Your B2B Digital Transformation and Revenue with SaaS Commerce

Guest speaker Liz Herbert, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, joins Bryan Shelstad, director of digital development at Land O’ Lakes to discuss why enterprises are choosing SaaS solutions to drive digital transformation and B2B commerce success.

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Presentation - Delivering an End-to-End Sales Experience for Food

Sambit Dutta, senior director and overall leader of the IT development and enterprise architecture at Land O' Lakes, spoke at Pros Outperform on how Land O'Lakes delivers end-to-end sales experience and how other companies can leverage a similar strategy. Watch the recording and read the presentation.

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Dreamforce 2016 Session - Accelerate Your Business with B2B Commerce on Salesforce

Guest speaker Sambit Dutta, Senior Director of IT Development and Enterprise Architecture from Land O'Lakes, joins John Cullinane, Senior Director of Account Management from CloudCraze, to discuss ways the B2B landscape is changing and how companies have to think about what is a good, strong digitally enabled B2B commerce strategy. Watch the video to find out how CloudCraze helped Land O'Lakes transform its agribusiness with B2B commerce.

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