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Coca-Cola Scales B2B eCommerce with CloudCraze

Coca-Cola recognized the limitations of traditional sales and service channels and needed a solution that could serve business buyers wherever and whenever they wanted. The company invested in digital and commerce for measurable results. Learn how CloudCraze helped Coca-Cola engage directly with customers.

eBook: Winning in the Age of the Connected Customer

Two recent Salesforce Research reports provide hard data showing that business buyers have come to expect a purchasing experience that is every bit as smooth and intuitive as what they’ve become accustomed to in the retail world. Download our eBook to learn how a fully featured commerce platform has transformed the Coca-Cola business.

Dreamforce 2016 Session - Coca-Cola Talks B2B Commerce on Salesforce with CloudCraze

Guest speaker Marta Dalton, Director of eCommerce at Coca-Cola, discusses how Coca-Cola implemented B2B commerce to better serve business customers while increasing efficiency. Dalton provides relevant examples of how Coca-Cola leverages CloudCraze technology to enhance customer engagement, increase average order size and achieve digital revenue growth.

Watch the Dreamforce 2016 Session to learn how Coca-Cola is experiencing growth with the help of CloudCraze.